Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Mentorship  

What is Mentorship?

    If you are wanting to become a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, or already are an experienced MBSR teacher wishing to deepen skills, or seeking MBSR certification, working with a mentor offers a unique opportunity for development.

What is Offered:

    Direct, clear, and respectful feedback is offered every session to promote competency, and best practice skills for teaching Mindfulness. This is a unique opportunity for one-on-one learning exploring the challenges, breakthroughs, insights, and possibilities that arise in teaching a Mindfulness-Based program.

waterSteps in the MBSR Mentorship Process: 

  • Step One: Contact-  Connect via email a minimum of six to eight weeks prior to the start of MBSR program. An initial free conversation will take place to discuss availability, timing, and fit.
  • Step Two: Finances-  The standard hourly Mentor rate is $155. A financial agreement will be made about the Mentorship process. Payments are submitted ahead of sessions on an agreed payment timeline.
  • Step Three: How-  Mentoring is offered through platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Free Conference Call, or FaceTime.
  • Step Four: When-  Once agreement has been reached, calendars are set for weekly sessions. These begin prior to the start of MBSR, during the cycle, and upon completion. Sessions are sixty minutes in length.
  • Step Five: University of California San Diego (UCSD)-  If you are exploring MBSR Mentorship in conjunction with the UCSD Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute, please see the process, timeline, and paperwork involved @ http://mbpti.org/mbsr-mentorship/

It will be a pleasure to work and learn together as we explore embodied presence, and the life long journey of Mindfulness.