What is Mindfulness?  Mindfulness is an ordinary experience: consciously waking up~  to what is present, here and now. Being aware in our lives can seem extraordinary, yet it is an ordinary quality of our shared humanity. With Mindfulness we can cultivate resilience, freedom, curiosity, joy, and compassion as a result of a life lived with intention.

leaf2The practice of Mindfulness is the awareness created: in the present moment~ when we pay attention moment to moment, on purpose and without judgment, to things as they are. We are experiencing life with the  freshness of a beginner’s mind.

With Mindfulness we cultivate concentration and clarity: the ability to make wise choices ~ How often have you been lost to the past with regret, or the future with worry? With Mindfulness we wake up, and choose how we wish to live our lives.

We are walking the contemplative path with practical feet ~ The Pause of Mindfulness refreshes. Through regular practice we come to ‘know’ and ‘inhabit’ our moments. As a result, we have the potential to enhance the goodness already present within, enriching our lives beyond measure. See for yourself…