On these pages, there is information about mindfulness meditation, offerings, training, and resources. Over the years, as Mindfulness has grown in popularity, we have come to understand, recognize, and appreciate how the practice of Mindful awareness can support health and well-being, help with stress and chronic illness, as well as sharpen focus, build resilience, and enhance connectivity in life and relationships.

Mindfulness Meditation

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is an ordinary experience: consciously waking up~ to what is present, here and now. Waking up to our lives as they are can seem extraordinary, yet it is an ordinary quality of our shared humanity. With Mindfulness we can cultivate resilience, freedom, curiosity, joy, and compassion as a result of a life lived with intention.

2019 Fall MBSR

September – November, dates to be announced
The MBSR program integrates the Spiritual Practice of Mindfulness into daily life: learning to walk a contemplative path with practical feet. We pay attention on purpose in the present moment, without judgement, to life as it is.

An Evening of Mindfulness: Be Ready, Be Awake, Be Inspired…

November 2019, date to be announced.
Come join us for a
“Thanksgiving appetizer!”
In approaching Thanksgiving, how might the Spiritual Practice of Mindfulness awaken in us a sense of wonder, mystery, and
gratitude for being alive?