What is the Introduction to Mindfulness program? The Introduction to Mindfulness program is a four week educational training in Mindfulness meditation, and conscious living. Mindfulness is an ordinary experience: it is waking up to what is present in life, here and now. This Introductory Program is a way of integrating the practice of Mindfulness into daily life: learning to walk the contemplative path with practical feet.

History of the Introduction to Mindfulness program: This four week program offers some of the same practices used in the eight week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) program though in a shorter format. This program is designed to offer an opportunity to begin, and/or refresh an established Mindfulness practice, along with learning some practical applications of Mindfulness for daily living.

sunflower2Who can benefit: Developing an awareness of the present moment can be of great benefit. Research has shown that regular Mindfulness Practice:

  • Quiets the mind, lessons reactivity, promotes resiliency
  • Sharpens focus, increases concentration, supports clarity
  • Allows us to take charge of and be empowered in our lives
  • Cultivates curiosity, freedom and joy

What to expect: The Introduction to Mindfulness program consists of a required Information and Orientation evening, and four weekly, two hour classes. Participants receive eight hours group instruction. The learning is participatory, and structured providing guided practices, and discussion. Participants receive a Mindfulness program packet, and guided Mindfulness practice recordings. Participation requires a commitment to oneself, and regular Mindfulness practice.