What is Insight Dialogue?  Insight Dialogue (ID) is the practice of interpersonal meditation, based on wisdom texts. The qualities of Mindfulness, and the calm concentration of solitary, silent practice, are brought together into our experience of contact with other people in a structured, meditative practice.

mindfulnessforliving_pinkflowersHistory of ID:  The structured practice of ID was developed by Gregory Kramer, PhD, cofounder and president of the Metta Foundation. Gregory has been offering ID practice globally since 1995.

ID is a path of relational awakening. Most of our lives are experienced in relationship with other human beings. If we are to have less suffering in our lives, then the work of awakening is to include others. Here we come face to face with our humanity: a rich ground for practice.

ID Guidelines:  The ID guidelines are a structured support for relational practice, and mindful awakening. They are: Pause, Relax, Open, Trust Emergence, Listen Deeply, and Speak the Truth. We can Pause, and step out of habit; Relax or receive, and allow the reality of any given moment; Open to things as they are in the present internally and externally. We Trust Emergence in the ever changing sea of the present moment, Listen Deeply to our voice, and voice of others, and Speak the Truth of what is alive in this present moment.

Registration and Pre-requisites:   

Reading Gregory Kramer’s “Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom,” along with a regular mindfulness practice, and any of the following:

  • Attendance at a teacher led ID retreat
  • Completion of six week online Introduction to ID @ www.metta.org
  • Completion of eight week Interpersonal Mindfulness Program
  • Completion of eight week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program
  • Completion of eight week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Program
  • A regular Mindfulness practice